Rep. Garcia prefiles HB51

I am sure you all remember from the past, Rep Garcia's previous bills on the so called "gun show loophole".  HB77 from a few years ago, HB44 last year is now HB51.  It would require background checks for private firearms transfers at gun shows.  

The bill is available for your perusal here:

Please take a look and let your Representatives know how you feel.  You can find your legislator here:

Our opposition to the bill is:

1. Current law is not being enforced.  In a 2012 study for Department of Justice, of more than 72,000 declined background checks in 2010, only 44 were prosecuted.

2. Gun shows are not a source of weapons used in crime.  Less than 2% of felons in a Bureau of Justice study said they got their weapons at a gun show. 


Thank you for taking the time to talk to your Representatives.  Please also share with your family, friends, and neighbors.

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