HB44 Saturday Hearing at 2PM Room 307

The House Regulatory and Public Affairs Committee will hold a hearing this Saturday, February 7th at 2:00 PM in Room 307 of the State Capitol Building and their agenda includes HB44.  As most of you are aware, this bill seek to criminalize some types of private firearms transfers that can occur at gun shows.  What it really does is begin the path to stopping all private transfers.

NMGOA and the NRA both stand against this bill and we need all of the support we can get in Santa Fe for the hearing this Saturday.  Please share this information with all of your family and friends and encourage them to attend as well.  These hearings usually happen during the week when most of us are working and make it hard to get there, but with the change in House leadership this year, they have made it so we can all attend this hearing if we choose to.  Can you think of a better way to spend your Saturday than standing up for your God given rights with your fellow gun owners and showing our politicians and maybe your children and/or grandchildren what it means to be a citizen!  I will be there, will you?

2015 NM Legislative Alert

Attention all firearms owners:

The New Mexico Legislature is now in session and is organized and working on legislation that will affect your rights as gun owners.  The following are the bills we are watching and the NMGOA opinion on each.

1.  HB44 - The bill that continues to be resurrected each and every session.  This bill, if passed would make background checks required for private gun transfers at gun shows and is the first step in moving towards a gun registration scheme.  NMGOA has fought this bill every session it has been filed, and we continue to do so!

2.  SB118 - This bill would eliminate the mid-term two hour refresher course for concealed carry license holders and remove the fingerprint requirement on renewal of the license.  NMGOA supports this bill.

3. SB268 - This bill would do the same as SB118 and go further by removing the caliber and category restrictions for training and licenses and would extend the term of a license from 4 to 5 years.  It would also exempt active or honorably discharged service personnel from the license fees and the qualifications requirements.  NMGOA supports this bill.

4. HB106 - This bill is the house version of SB116.  NMGOA supports this bill.

5. HB189 - This is the house version of SB268.  NMGOA supports this bill.

6. SB345 - This bill would require the state to report mental health adjudications, court ordered commitments and other things which disqualify someone from purchasing or possessing a firearm to the federal NICS background check system.  It would bring NM into compliance with other federal laws and make NM eligible for grant money from the federal government.  NMGOA is neutral on this bill.  While the stated goals of the bill would be great to effect, to keep firearms out of the hands of those who should not have them, but NMGOA is concerned about the privacy issues and federal control over the data once submitted.  We also have issues with the mechanisms used by the federal government in withholding grant money to create compliance with something that is likely a federal overreach of power.

7. SR1 - This is a resolution to amend Senate rules to ban the possesion of firearms in the Senate chamber, gallery, lounge, and committee rooms, and offices, except by law enforcement.  NMGOA opposes this measure.


What can gun owners do?

1. nmlegis.gov is the website for the NM Legislature and there you can find the text of each bill and emails and phone numbers for the committee members who will be debating and voting on each one.

2. HB44 will have a hearing on Saturday February 7th in Santa Fe.  Come and join us at the Roundhouse. We will let you know time and room number as it becomes available both here and on our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.


NMGOA Mobile for Apple and Android

New Mexico Gun Owners Association is pleased to announce our mobile app is now available for Android and Apple products.  Links to the app is below, just click on the appropriate button.  The apps are similar except that the Apple version currently does not do notifications or automatically check for new posts.  There may be some other very minor differences that should be worked out within a couple of weeks.  The apps are free and the links are below:




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Rally at the Roundhouse 2013

We are joining with the TEA Party groups and other conservative action groups at the NM State Capitol Building.  We invite all gun owners in New Mexico to join with us in Santa Fe at the State Capitol Building for the Annual Rally at the Roundhouse 2013! If you can catch Aaron, he will have bumper stickers and pamphlets available!

January 15, 2013

10:00 Looking Back/Looking Ahead - Open to all conservative action groups leadership. Room to be announced

13:00 Rally in the rotunda - Open to all, speeches by invited guests.

Rally at the Roundhouse - Flyer available here.

16:00 NM Gun Owners Association meeting at Denny's at 3004 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM 87507.  For those that can attend.  It will be a short meeting.

Additional information